Popular Fashion Icons Who Made Long-Lasting Trends

Fashion Icons

Seven Celebrity Fashion Icons Who Set Trends That Are Still In Today

There’s nothing new under the sun. That is especially true when it comes to fashion. From members only jackets to fanny packs, we’re seeing the rotation of fashion. Let’s take a look at some of the most legendary fashion icons of yesteryear.


  1. Audrey Hepburn

Fashion Icons

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most timeless fashion icons, who thrived during Hollywood’s Golden Age. The British beauty held many talents, including acting. However, her trademark was a little black dress with gloves, adding instant sophistication and commanding attention in any room that she walked into.


2. Elizabeth Taylor

Fashion Icons

Elizabeth Taylor was a brave and fearless woman. One could never deny that. While most women obsessed over long, luxurious locks, Taylor marched to the beat of her own drum and dawned a short do. Her signature look caused her to become an iconic trendsetter of her time… and, frankly, of all time.


3. Grace Kelly

Fashion Icons

The award-winning actress-turned-princess is a staple in the fashion industry. In an effort to hide her baby bump from paparazzi, Kelly covered her stomach with her Hermes bag. The style, thereafter, was renamed the ‘Kelly Bag’.


4. Coco Chanel

Fashion Icons

Although Audrey Hepburn showed people how the classic little black dress is supposed to be worn, Coco Chanel declared that it should be worn. “These women, I’m bloody well going to dress them in black!” said Chanel.

In 1962, Vogue published a sketch of her in a simple black sheath and labeled it a ‘Frock That All The World Would Wear’. From her illustrious pearls to little black dress, to even her tantalizing fragrances, Coco Chanel, without a doubt, re-invented fashion as we knew it.


5. Dorothy Dandridge

Fashion Icons

Every little girl of color wanted to be like Dorothy Dandridge, and that’s a fact. The Cleveland, Ohio-born actress, singer, and dancer set trends on and off the camera, gracefully paving the way, breaking boundaries, and opening doors for African-American women in Hollywood and in everyday life. With her signature classic curls, breathtaking model psyche that could complement any piece of clothing and elegant and poised ambiance, Dorothy Dandridge was, and will always be, known as a legendary icon in her own right.


6. Marilyn Monroe

Fashion Icons

When you think of fashion, you cannot help but think of the honorable Marilyn Monroe. She was one of the most popular female ‘sex symbols’ of the 1950s, yet her legacy still carries on today. With her signature ‘beauty mark’, Monroe generated a new vogue. In the 20th century, the mole above the lip had become a fad, as some women were creating their own faux moles through the application of makeup. Even now, the trend is still very prominent, with ‘The Monroe Piercing’, which is a lip piercing placed off-center, above the upper lip, meant to resemble Monroe’s infamous beauty mark.


7. Michael Jackson

Fashion Icons

This list would not be complete without the King of Pop, himself, Michael Jackson. Everything about M.J. was something to drool over–his moves, the Jheri curl, his smoothness, all of it. Time and time again, we’ve seen artist reference Michael Jackson in some way, but the most popular tribute is the thriller jacket.


Who was your favorite fashion icon?

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