Multi-Talented Star, Alli Fitz Goes From Social Media Sensation to Singer with Purpose

Alli Fitz

It all started in 2014, even though she’s known entertainment was her destiny since she was 8 years old. Alli Fitz gained popularity and a solid fan following for her comedic videos on the Vine social media app. Her short video clips were entertaining and funny enough for her to gain over 5 million subscribers on Vine! As the popularity of the Vine platform started to die down, Alli seized on the opportunity to transition to another outlet and take her followers with her on her new journey.  That being her passion and love for music. But would the followers who loved her for her comedy take her seriously and continue to follow her as a serious singer?

With all social media platforms, the key to success is consistency and keeping your base entertained and excited for the next thing you do. Earlier this year, Alli released her first cover and video “Hair”, a song originally by Little Mix. Her followers loved it.

Alli Fitz followed that with her debut single, an upbeat song, “Fill the Void”. The positive success of her music and the great reviews thus far have just confirmed that she was on the right track. Plus, it all serves as confirmation that the super-talented Alli is so much more than just a comedian. Alli’s latest song “Disease”, is a song about being in and getting out of a toxic relationship.  The song is a very catchy one that could easily become a victory anthem for ladies dealing with such a relatable issue.

The accompanying video (above) is actually fun to watch! With great visuals and production value, it’s obvious the camera loves Alli Fitz.

With her meteoric popularity via social media, Alli is still very humble and grounded. As her YouTube, and Instagram following continues to  rise, so do her aspirations and goals. She is not about the recent social media trends where people are aspiring to be “Insta-Famous”, where people will do/post outrageous things just for “likes”. Such gimmicks can often backfire, make a person lose credibility and derail their intended popularity goals. Her advice for someone trying to build an online following is to “post consistently” and to “pick a specific day to post”, which gives followers something to look forward to.

Alli Fitz
It’s obvious, she is beloved. Her IG following is at over 580k followers; Twitter has her with 215k followers; Facebook at 250k+ followers and YouTube with 420k+ subscribers and over 20.6 million views!

Asked what’s next for her and Fitz is quick to reply, “A full album!”  She would also like to pursue acting opportunities.

Alli recently lauched her merchandise line, taking to Twitter to announce that they were available:

Alli Fitz is genuinely appreciative of her fans and supporters and can’t wait to put out more music for them and the world.

Stay Connected with Alli Fitz on Social Media:
Twitter: @allicattx
Facebook: @allicattt
YouTube: @allicatttable

Photo Credit: Chris Martin

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