Chef Mark Bailey Opens Up About New Book, ‘Cooking In Boxers’

Chef Mark Bailey

Our Conversation with Chef Mark Bailey

We caught up with personal Chef and TV personality Chef Mark Bailey.  Not only is he an amazing chef but he is also the author of the book, ‘Cooking In Boxers with Chef Bailey: 50 Ways To Keep Your Mate In Bed‘.  We talk to him about his book and we see if he can give us some tips in the kitchen. Check out the interview below…

Parlé Mag:
Not everyone  is a a good cook, and not every chef is a master. When preparing dishes or creating recipes, what do you rely on most? Do you have a process? Is there something particular that you do that helps make your creations unique?

Chef Mark Bailey:  When creating a dinner menu, I have a formula I tend to follow.   Keeping in mind the 4 senses of tastes (sweet, salty, bitter and sour) of the tongue, I try to make sure my dinner incorporates dishes that demonstrate each of these flavors.   And while spicy isn’t a taste, this flavor too is one that I make sure is in the mix.  This technique has helped to ensure all my dishes have their own distinct taste.  All the different flavors will definitely make your guests’ taste buds happy.

Chef Mark Bailey
Parlé Mag:
Your cook book “Cooking In Boxers” seems pretty self-explanatory. But for those of us who do this on a regular basis, what makes cooking in boxers better than cooking in, let’s say, scuba gear? What is its goal?
Chef Mark Bailey:  
Cooking In Boxers with Chef Bailey: 50 Ways To Keep Your Mate In Bed‘ is a sexy breakfast-in-bed cookbook designed for couples who enjoy cooking breakfast for one another.   The overall goal here is to keep your mate in bed with one of my delicious recipes with the hopes of getting ‘seconds’.

On a personal note, I typically sleep in pair boxers and therefore, cook my breakfast in them.  This makes it all too easy to get right back in bed once done.  Now while cooking in your best scuba gear might not change the outcome of the recipes in ‘Cooking In Boxers’, you may not be as successful when it comes to keeping your mate in bed and requesting those yummy ‘seconds’.

Parlé Mag:
True or False: Food is the best thing in the world.
Chef Mark Bailey:  False.  Sex is the best thing in the world.  But food is definitely a close runner up.

Parlé Mag:
Everyone seems to be on the go today, not really having the time to invest in preparing a meal. Can you give us one (or as many as you please) easy to prepare meal idea, that takes the least amount of time?
Chef Mark Bailey:  Sweet potatoes are a staple at every holiday dinner party.  For a quick, easy and delicious component to your holiday dinner, consider making a sweet potato casserole.  Check out my Easy Maple-Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole with a Pecan Streusel Topping recipe at

Chef Mark Bailey also shared his favorite recipe with us. His Breakfast Thai Basil Fried Rice with Turkey Sausage Recipe.  Check it out HERE.

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