Roland S. Martin Launches New Digital Lifestyle & Info Website

All That TV

Roland Martin Launches New Media Platform: All That TV

One of the most influential political analysts Roland S. Martin has launched a new informational website called All That Tv. The new website will consist of national news, politics, pop-culture, lifestyle features, health and wellness, cooking, faith based segments and a weekly motivational series. All That Tv will also offer live video streams that will be produced by his media group called Nu Vision Media. Martin’s media group will be in partnership with Quantasy, which will have a group of writers and powerful icons contributing to this project.

According to a recent interview Martin said, “my interests go far beyond news and politics, I love music, dancing, clothes and all sorts of things. So, I wanted a place dedicated to exploring those subjects. With All That Tv I’ll be able to stretch my wings and do some creative things. I can’t wait for folks to see what we have in store.”

The exciting partnership with Quantasy will allow Martin to have more creative freedom and allow his personality to be shown through the website. Julius Difuntorum Sr. explained his excitement to the press landing this great opportunity with the ground breaking news anchor.

Martin has maintain two high traffic websites for many years and with his show on TV One “News on Now” he reaches 1.7 million followers, making his way to affect change in today’s society. The social activist was nominated “Best Political Team on Television” in 2009 when the cable network was awarded the Peabody Award for outstanding news coverage for the 2008 elections. Roland Martin has reach success on many outlets allowing his voice to demonstrate change from CNN political analyst to Ebony magazine 150 Most influential African Americans in the U.S.  At 48 years old Roland Martin’s journalistic work has received many accolades.

The journalist, social activist, political analysts, and TV Host Roland Martin has made multiple names from himself crediting his journalistic gift for opening the doors to different avenues for his success. Martin has excelled in educating minorities and shedding light on many controversial issues that we face with today. All That TV will be used to increase his already established following and educating his people with the truth while staying active in his community. This new website will be a portal to enlighten Black America as he continues his activism for us all.

Check out the new online platform at

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