Celebrities You’d Be Richer Than If You Won A Huge Jackpot

Rihanna Annette

There’s no secret that the net worth of majority of celebrities exceeds one hundred million dollars. And lots of people around the world still continue wondering how to reach the well-being like that. The answer is you can actually choose a fast and suitable way. When playing slot games or visiting some land-based casinos, you may happen to win a life-changing jackpot and become richer than many of those. All you need is some luck and a huge desire to become a professional and successful gambler.

Rihanna – $140 million

Among pop divas, there aren’t so many singers that can boast the fame and recognition compared to that of Rihanna. Curious fact, but her net worth is not that unimaginably high, even with her Puma sneaker line and acting roles. If you manage to win a historic jackpot, you can become two or even three times richer than she is. And there’s no need to go on tours and release albums. Simply enter a casino site and get to playing.

Daniel Radcliffe – $110 million

A known worldwide Harry Potter star in his early age became so rich that even middle-aged stars found themselves jealous. But don’t bother. With the jackpot, you could win by simply trying your luck at an online casino or picking the right numbers in the lottery the young wizard’s achievements would grow dim!

Angelina Jolie – $145 million

It is, surely, not that easy task to beat the fame of one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Yet, fame’s not all. For the regular people like us, money has, probably, a higher value. Should you happen to win big, you could easily become a no worse match for Jolie than Brad Pitt.

Leonardo DiCaprio – $220 million

DiCaprio’s famous role in Titanic has deservedly taken its place in the cinema’s history. Of course, after that time the actor has grown mature and both his image and characters have undergone a whole variety of changes. Now he is one of the most demanded and well-paid Hollywood stars. Want to be like him? You can be wealthier in fact. In 2012 there was a man who won an impressive jackpot of $656 million. Why not try beating that result?

David Beckham – $350 million

Thousands of men would wish to be like him and millions of women would wish a man like him. The former football star is both handsome and rich; can someone actually ask for more? As to Beck’s appearance, one can’t, surely, guarantee you’ll be one day as attractive as he is. But in what refers to a financial situation, there are some good chances you’ll be a match to the ex-forward of Manchester United. The national lottery jackpots sometimes offer payouts that are higher than all of his net worth!

written by Anabel Cooper