Thank You, Amy Winehouse. Paying Homage To The Singer.

Amy Winehouse

On The Anniversary Of Her Death, We Offer A Salute To Amy Winehouse

I’m uncomfortable with the term genius because, in reality, we each possess its power and just need to find it within in ourselves. I believe legends make themselves, and I’ve come to realize that champions are anointed, and heroes are received. But when it comes to greatness, there is no question about its existence. It leaves its imprint just as the sun shines its undeniable light or a star’s perfect formation. Amy Winehouse was great… period.

Most people have eulogized her as a troubled genius. Some will say she was an amazing talent rooted in despair. I say she was one of the Greatest talents we will ever have come to know. Now I don’t adhere to any real religious beliefs (although Jesus is my mentor and homeboy), but I do appreciate the stone throwing analogy just like the next “Christian”. Was she troubled? Who’s to say what one woman’s troubles are. Was she affected? Perhaps by more power than we’ll ever know, but what we do know is that she was Great. Her songs told stories of human struggle met with brave contentment. Her melodies were chaotic lullabies. Her voice… well her voice was the closest thing we’ll ever come to hearing the sounds of a soul let down by the thing she loved. She was our generation’s Mona Lisa – a woman painted by genius and adored by millions. And that’s how we should remember the Great Ms. Winehouse… a beautiful portrait of Greatness.

Am I a fan? No doubt about that… so please understand that this isn’t so much a piece of praise as it is a love letter to someone who taught me new ways to love. Most love in red, but there are those of us who can’t help but love in black… the most beautiful black. I appreciated her talents but was humbled by her lessons. I would have loved to see where this Greatness was headed. I, certainly, could have used another album, but I’d rather cradle the birth of her legend than be stuck in what could have been. She was here, and I am so damn happy I was able to be here with her.

Today marks the sixth anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. (July 23rd, 2011).

Rest in Greatness Ms. Winehouse…


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