Checking Out The Vibrant Food Scene of Australia


Whilst most of us will equate Australian cuisine with the iconic Aussie barbecue, it seems that there’s much more to food in Australia than such simple pleasures.


From celebrity cooks flocking to praise the nation’s fresh and innovative produce, to exciting food outlets coming up with some fascinating new recipes, it seems that Australian cuisine is really on the rise.


Nowhere is this more evident than in the city of Melbourne that has recently been christened the gourmet capital of Australia. Thanks to pioneering events like the famous Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, this fun-loving city has undergone a gastronomic revolution that is celebrating the city’s multicultural heritage to great effect.


Whether it’s sampling the delights of the city’s traditional Greek delicatessens, enjoying an authentic Italian pizza in Little Italy, or even exploring the incredible fusion cuisine that takes in Japanese and Mexican influences at the legendary Mr Miyagi restaurant, it’s clear that Melbourne is a real foodie’s paradise.


Not that you have to be in this Victoria city to enjoy the best of Australia’s food revolution. All over the nation there are many enterprising outlets like the ones described at the Deliveroo blog that show that Australia has an enthusiasm for food that leaves other countries standing.




So that whether it’s enjoying kebabs in Sydney, gourmet donuts in Brisbane, or even some stunning Asian dishes in Cairns, there’s always something new and surprising to discover.


Unlike some other countries that tend to be overrun by chain restaurants, Australia is thriving on an independent food scene that favours creativity and fresh produce over bland conformity. And there’s nowhere better to witness this than by visiting one of the nation’s legendary food markets.


Places like Adelaide Central Market are must-see sights for any true food fan as they pride themselves on using nothing but the freshest local ingredients to show off what a remarkable culinary heritage Australia is cultivating.


Even relaxed seaside towns like Noosa are getting in on the nation’s food revolution. Places like this are a great place to sample Australia’s legendary seafood dishes with stylish restaurants like the Noosa Beach House being the perfect location to try unusual treats like snapper curry.


So whilst there is a degree of debate on the blogs whether Sydney or Melbourne is the true food capital of Australia, it seems that for an exciting and delicious culinary experience, Australia is hard to beat!

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