The Coronation of Queen Bey – How Beyoncé Transcended Music & Became A Queen

Queen Bey

We Try To Pinpoint The Moment When Beyoncé Evolved Into Queen Bey

Beyoncé’s rise to stardom is one of the most remarkable and motivating transitions that her fans have ever witnessed. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter, better known as Beyoncé, Bey, or Queen Bey to be exact, is one of the most famous Pop/R & B singers in the world. Starting off her singing career at just the age of 7, with dreams of becoming a superstar, Beyoncé’s success has evolved right before our eyes. This brings us to the question, when did she become so popular, when did she transcend music to the point that her fans around the world began referring to her as Queen Bey?

Beyoncé has been singing way before us 90’s babies were even born. At a young age she was competing in local talent shows and singing on television, but of course, she wasn’t always considered “Queen” Bey. At the time she was an ok singer and wasn’t even known as just Beyoncé. She began making a name for herself in an all-girls group which was known as Girls Tyme before transitioning into the 90’s group Destiny’s Child.

Destiny’s Child
Destiny’s Child first consisted of Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Latavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, who in 1997 was signed to Columbia Records and Music World Entertainment, but inevitably due to internal conflict the group split leaving just Beyoncé and Kelly who replaced Latavia and LeToya with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin. Farrah eventually ended up leaving the group as well.

Although Destiny’s Child gained success and obtained several number one hits, in 2002 they announced a hiatus, this allowed Beyoncé time to fulfill her individual dreams of becoming a superstar.  She began going on tours, and promoting herself as a solo artist before reuniting with Kelly and Michelle for Destiny’s Child final studio album Destiny Fulfilled in 2004. A year later the group disbanded, allowing Beyoncé the opportunity to completely focus on building her solo career, becoming a better singer and following her destiny of becoming Queen Bey.

Going Solo
While many artists who come from a music group and go solo usually end up fading away, Beyoncé’s decision to go solo was the greatest one she made for herself. Her first studio album Dangerously in Love was released in 2003 and sold 11 million copies, and the follow-up her second album B DAY sold 8 million. The release date was September 4, 2006 in honor of her twenty fifth birthday, and it was with this album that she made her mark as Queen Bey.

In April of 2007, Beyoncé experienced her first worldwide tour called The Beyoncé Experience, she visited 97 venues and grossed over $24 million. By the year of 2008 her next album I am… Sasha Fierce was released, selling 8 million copies. This album allowed Beyoncé the chance to showcase her “alter ego” as she calls it, giving us an invitation to meet her aggressive, wilder side she calls Sasha Fierce, which she revealed was born during the making of her 2003 hit single with Jay Z “Crazy in Love”.

The Jay-Z Factor
Jay Z, of course has also played his role in Beyoncé’s rise to becoming Queen Bey. Ironic enough although Beyoncé didn’t like Jay Z much upon first meeting him, telling those who she knew, “I’m not into Jay,” the pair became an iconic couple. While Jay Z had already built a name for himself in the hip-hop world, Beyoncé was still working to break free and make her mark as a top solo artist. It was said that by her working with him she stood the chance of gaining more of an urban sensibility and would be taken more seriously.

Throughout the early 2000’s Beyoncé and Jay Z built a close bond and friendship, eventually going on dates and becoming a couple which they were very private about in the beginning. During the time Beyoncé released two singles featuring the rapper titled “Dangerously in Love” and “Crazy in Love. By 2005 it was evident that the pair were a couple which gained Bey even more publicity as her name was being talked about on every media outlet.

This was already a high point of Bey’s career as she was prepping to release her 2nd album by 2006. The couple married by 2008 making them worth 72 million combined. They were eventually named Forbes highest-earning celebrity couple two times in a row by 2013.

Continuing to grow as an artist and make her mark in the music industry, Beyoncé allowed her alter ego to die out in 2010 as she became freer in showing that side of herself. She solidified her title and spot as the Queen when she became the first solo female artist in over twenty years to headline the main Pyramid stage at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival. Two days later she released her fourth studio album titled 4. The album which became her fourth number one album was preceded by two of its singles “Run the World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had”.

At this point Queen Bey was aware of the mark she made on the music industry. While she will always remain Queen Bey to her fans, the cover for her single “Best Thing I Never Had” displays Bey in front of a mirror with the words King B written on a mirror in lipstick. Her fans immediately began referring to her as King B once they saw it, but the title eventually died down and didn’t become as popular as Queen Bey.

Upon her announcement of being pregnant with Blue Ivy Carter at the 2011 MTV VMA’s, Beyoncé was looked at as one of the greatest performers of all times. She took the time to successfully build her career, eventually married the love of her life while continuing to deliver great music to her fans and then had her first child. After delivering her first child, just five months later she performed for four nights at Revel Atlantic City Ovation Hall in honor of the resorts opening.

It is evident that Beyoncé worked hard to earn her spot and title in the music industry and she continues to do so every chance she gets. Even after she is long gone from this world, Bey will always be remember as the “Queen Bey”.


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