Backed By Legends, NYC Rapper Moka Blast Is Set To Make His Own Lane

Moka Blast

Moka Blast Talks New Ep, Blast Radiius

Rapper Moka Blast is ready to put Queens back on the Hip-Hop map. The emcee recently put out a new project EP, Blast Radiius, which features Jadakiss, Dave East and more.

The Hip-Hop artist recently talked to Parlé about his music and being backed by legends, such as music veteran CL Smooth.

Parlé Mag:
What’s the inspiration behind Blast Radiius?
Moka Blast: Blast Radiius is a symbolic reference to where I was at in my career. I felt like every one should be original rather than emulate who ever is the hottest out. I did an album strictly on being different to show versatility. The album was inspired by the fact that my fans have always asked me to put out original work and sell it as they wanted to support me. So with that in mind I made sure there was a track on the EP for any and every walk of life.

Parlé Mag: Do you feel Queens fell off the rap radius for a while?
Moka Blast: I love my borough and it saddens me to say that every time we have a new budding superstar on the rise, their life gets cut down short. Over the last 10 years a lot of artists from Queens have had a shot, but no one really solidified that top spot. I will make sure to get us back to being talked about again. There are way too many talented individuals in my borough so all I have to do is kick the door down.

Parlé Mag:  
You are originally from Trinidad, do you feel your roots play into your Hip-Hop style?
Moka Blast: Of course they do. I grew up on Calypso and Parang. Both genres of music are amazing yet unique, but I took a very strong liking to Parang. It’s from the Venezuelan migrants who were primarily of Amerindian, Spanish, and African heritage, something which is strongly reflected in the music itself. I always wondered the thought process on how to write such melodic music in Spanish. When I saw people such as Daisy Voisin perform, I would try everything in my power to emulate her. I failed miserably but it was the beginning with my love for music.

Parlé Mag:  
How did you first get down with CL Smooth and Jadakiss?
Moka Blast: I was introduced to both legends by mutual friends. I have the honor of working and dealing with Jada on the business end and it’s always a pleasure to rock out with him. CL Smooth is more on the personal side as he gave me a lot of advice on how to maneuver in the industry. He would stop by my crib and drop gems all day. I really appreciate what he has done for me as he was the one that told me that the world is your playground and it’s time I go jump in the sand box.

Parlé Mag:  
What has been your biggest lesson so far in this rap game?
Moka Blast: Trust no one and believe in yourself. Ever since I started doing that I have been extremely successful. The people that you start with, make sure and hold onto them. This game can change you and the minute you see yourself going off track, take a step back and re-evaluate what you wanted in the first place.

Parlé Mag:  
Queens is full of rap legends, how do you want to be remembered as?
Moka Blast: They will remember me as the ‘hansum hustla’ who came from nothing and always gave back. My music will live on in history as I write them with no expiration date attached. I listed to a track I did 10 years ago and the content felt like it was relevant for today. I live life to be legendary so I will be remembered with the great ones from Q borough.

Parlé Mag:  
What do feel is missing right now in the Hip-Hop scene?
Moka Blast:  More unity between NY artists. I shake my head as it seems like no one wants to collaborate any more. It’s a real slippery slope, but I will keep on pushing. When the opportunity presents itself I will take the chance but for now I will stay on my solo.

Parlé Mag:  
What will you have going on this summer?
Moka Blast:  This summer I will be dropping my third album in 13 months entitled The Blast Testament.  I will also be dropping my Forever Getting Cash apparel line. I also own a multimedia company that I will also get re-established in renting out cameras to shoot movies and music videos. Then once I get all this established, its back to touring overseas and I have Spain, Croatia, Germany, United Arab Emirates and a few other countries that have already booked me.

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