[VIDEO] LHHATL’s Joseline Hernandez Gears Up For New Singles, “No Time” & “Mention Me”


The Puerto Rican Princess Has Two Music Videos On The Way

With a new baby girl and a thriving TV and music career, Joseline Hernandez has definitely been pretty busy within the last few months. However, the grind never stops for ‘The Puerto Rican Princess’. The 30-year-old recently announced that she has two brand new videos on the way, for her singles, “No Time” and “Mention Me”.

Both directed by Mike Boyce, Hernandez takes it all the way sultry and seductive with “No Time”, wearing an all black, shimmery see-through jumpsuit, as she dances around a loading dock. “I’m the rawest in the game; ain’t no shame when I spit. Yeah, I want the money and the fame out this b*tch. Cross me and I’ll bend you over. Another white t [shirt] with a fallen soldier.” She raps over the Hip-Hop inspired beat.

The song loosely samples the same titled Lil’ Kim 1996 hit, “No Time”. However, Hernandez adds her own twist, speeding things up a bit and letting the people know that the ‘baddest puta’ has no time for the nonsense, whatsoever.

While the rapper boasts about her limited time for the irrelevancy, she follows up with “Mention Me”, bossing up in FENTYXPUMA attire with sirens ringing in the background.

She begins the song, proving to the world just how bad she really is. “Look at this, look at me. Take a good look what you really see; thrifty hes just wannabe. When you talk a bad btch, better mention me.”

Though there is no official release date for the videos just yet, we can almost assume that a date is near. “The beautiful thing about being an Artist I can turn into whoever I want!! Expressing myself is the greatest feeling.” Hernandez wrote on her Instagram.

Aside from her budding music endeavors, Joseline Hernandez is also rising in the world of reality television as well. The Puerto Rico native stars in VH1’s hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, every Monday night at 8/7c! Click here to view the trailer for next week’s episode.

Check out some exclusive previews of the “No Time” and “Mention Me” below!

Creative direction and styling by Assad Tyler.

Main photo by Vegas Giovanni.