From Being An Artist To Watch To Earning Plaques, Russ Is Paying Dividends


What They Want: The Rise of Russ

With millions of streams on Soundcloud it was a matter of time before Russ Vitale gained some recognition. The extremely talented songwriter and producer signed a publishing deal with Columbia Records in June 2016. In the video of him signing the paperwork the caption read, “As of today, I’ve officially partnered with Columbia Records. Came a long way from 100 views…. I’m proud of my fans and my family and friends support but I’m proud of myself. I did it my way. Thank you for all the love and just know I will ALWAYS make what I wanna make. The music will not change, only the power behind it.”

Since that post Russ has kept his word and produced the same quality music he did that got him his 205,000 likes on Facebook, 195,000 followers on Twitter and 312,000 follows on Soundcloud.


Making music started out as just a hobby for Russ and later turned into his first gold plaque for his record “What They Want”. He’s already made a name for himself with his brutally honest track towards artists in the music industry with “Exposed”.  He has also been the voice behind tracks you would hear in the club with “Off The Strength”, which harbors a catchy tune and smooth flow.

The Columbia Records signee is just 24 years old.  He is also part of the Diemon Rap crew.  Russ is of Italian descent and diversity is apparent in his music.
In a short span Russ has made several memorable hits with smooth soul tracks like “Losin Control” to showcasing his lyrical ability on tracks like “10 Year Freestyle” and “Pull The Trigger”. In 2016 alone, Russ released at least 12 individual singles.  Russ has a lengthy catalog and has already been on tour with the likes of Lil’ Wayne and Bryson Tiller. One of his fans even went on his like page on Facebook to praise the artist for stopping a set to help fix the sound that the engineer couldn’t get right. The fan claimed after helping, he went back up and finished performing a killer show.


Being behind his own music gives him the power of freedom. He makes his own beats, writes his own lyrics and engineers his own music, accolades that not many artists can say they possess in the current music landscape. With Columbia Records in his corner, his first gold plaque for “What They Want” will likely not be the only plaque he sees. With his consistency, smooth flow and catchy music, Russ will continue to make memorable and relatable music for the hundreds of thousands of fans he has following.

Check Out This New Track From Russ, “The Best Party”

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